The curriculum at the Academy for Science & Design provides students with a well-rounded and solid foundation in math and science, while meeting the state requirements for high school graduation. The curriculum is structured to provide all students with an introduction to a variety of scientific fields, as well as a solid grounding in other academic areas. Students begin taking high school classes as early as seventh grade, allowing them the flexibility to take advanced classes and, if desired, specialize in an area of interest later in high school.

The academic demands are rigorous, but the faculty is committed to helping students by making time in their days to provide extra help. Students are encouraged to help each other, as some of the best learning happens when having to explain to another.

Many classes are taught using project based learning and performance assessments. Projects and assessments that require the application of 21stcentury skills are part of all classes. These assignments require students to think critically and logically, apply information, find and analyze information, and work in groups. These skills, along with the content taught, are the foundation of success in college and later in life.

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