ASD Faculty & Staff


Jennifer Cava Director Email Mrs. Cava
Melissa Merhalski Assistant Director Email Mrs. Merhalski
Kym Harmon
 Operations Manager  Email Mrs. Harmon
Karen Legault Dean of STEM Email Mrs. Legault
Chris Marsh Dean of Humanities Email Mr. Marsh
Lisa Moser Office Manager Email Mrs. Moser
Jay O'Connell Student Services Coordinator Email Mr. O'Connell
Aimee Seiler 
Dean of Students
Email Mrs. Seiler


Julian Appignani Humanities Email Mr. Appignani
Baylor Brandon Social Studies, Gr. 6 Email Mr. Brandon
Danielle Bongiorno
Social Studies Email Mrs. Bongiorno
Nikole Breault
Email Mrs. Breault
Zeb Brundage Computer Science, Mathematics Email Mr. Brundage
Tayra Castro
World Language Email Ms. Castro
Jean Colley
Humanities Email Ms. Colley
Vanessa Coutu World Language, ELL Email Mrs. Coutu 
Hannah Dallas Sciences Email Ms. Dallas
Suzanne Delaney Computer Science, ISO Email Mrs. Delaney
Keri Douglas Sciences Email Mrs. Douglas
Stephanie Dumoski Advanced Mathematics
Email Ms. Dumoski
Laraine Fay
Engineering & Technology, Gr. 6
Email Mrs. Fay
Kim Fusaris Mathematics Email Ms. Fusaris
Gayathri Govindachari Math/Science, Gr. 5 Email Ms. Govindachari
Alex Hargrove Computer Science Email Mr. Hargrove
Stuart Harmon Humanities
Email Mr. Harmon
Thomas Hutchinson Science, Gr. 6  Email Mr. Hutchinson
Alexandra Hytner Mathematics Email Ms. Hytner
James Jenkins Humanities Email Mr. Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins Band Email Mr. Jenkins
Dony Johnson Language Arts/Social Studies, Gr. 5 Email Mrs. Johnson
Shawn Kraus Social Studies
Email Mr. Kraus
Amy Mackay Social Studies Email Mrs. Mackay
Bruce MacMahon Physics, Engineering Email Mr. MacMahon
Valeria Mainzer World Language
Email Ms. Mainzer
Nicole Manni Art Email Mrs. Manni
Ariella Marget Science Email Mrs. Marget
Dianna Matzo Aerospace Email Mrs. Matzo
Marissa McMahon Sciences Email Ms. McMahon
Peggy Moher Humanities Email Mrs. Moher
Jennifer Piper Physics Email Mrs. Piper
Emily Rivinius Sciences Email Mrs. Rivinius
Christine Rohr Mathematics, Gr. 6 Email Mrs. Rohr
Puja Saxena Sciences Email Ms. Saxena
Karen Triebe Mathematics Email Mrs. Triebe
Mollie van Wagner Language Arts, Gr. 6 Email Mrs. van Wagner


Christine Bailey Assistant Teacher, Gr. 5  Math/Science Email Mrs. Bailey
Pamela Bailey Admissions, Extended Learning Email Mrs. Bailey
Lesley Bentall Program Assistant Email Mrs. Bentall
Colin Bewley Program Assistant Email Mr. Bewley
Meredith Chicklis
High School Guidance Counselor Email Mrs. Chicklis
Angela Clark Registrar Email Mrs. Clark
Judith Colley Paraeducator Email Mrs. Colley
Tara Fritz Program Assistant, 5th & 6th Specials Email Mrs. Fritz
Roxanne Harmon Middle School Guidance Counselor Email Miss. Roxanne
Natalie Overcash-Iucci Business Office Email Mrs. Iucci
Amy Prokop Program Assistant Email Mrs. Prokop
Heather DiTrolio, RN School Nurse Email Nurse DiTrolio
Jay O'Connell Student Services Coordinator Email Mr. O'Connell
Kimberly Plante Positive Connections Email Ms.Plante
Amy Prokop Assistant Teacher, Gr. 5 LA/Social Studies Email Mrs. Prokop
Sarah Rolanti
Attendance, Reception Email Mrs. Rolanti
Tanya Swann Paraeducator, Lunch Monitor Email Mrs. Swann
Vicky Tsai Program Assistant Email Ms. Tsai
Lyndsay Winarta Program Assistant, Lunch Monitor Email Mrs. Winarta

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